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Credit of unpaid rights

“In connection with Aisha Steel Mills Limited Right Issue announcement, unpaid Rights @ 20% were credited by the CDC in Book Entry Form on 18th May 2017 in the respective accounts of the ordinary / preference CDS shareholders (ASL, ASLPS, ASLCPS) whose names appeared in the Register of Members at the close of the business on Monday, 15th May 2017.

Letters of Right (LoR) to physical shareholders are dispatched on 22nd May 2017.”

Please find attached other pertinent dates


Our People

We are an equal opportunity employer. Discrimination on any grounds is fundamentally unacceptable.

Health, Safety & Environment

The Company strongly endorses and emphasizes on managing resources ensuring safety within and beyond its own facilities.


ASML stands committed to carry out its business in a sustainable manner to promote preservation of the environment.

Regulatory Compliance & Corporate Governance

The Company remains committed to high standards of corporate governance, while adhering to the applicable laws and regulations.


Key success for any business fosters in a transparent environment based on ethical values.


Our values are based on highest integrity, which determines the way we work, leading to our well-founded reputation.

Excellence & Efficiency

Efficiencies, appropriate risk management measures and pricing strategies should enable profitable operations and good shareholder returns in all market scenarios.


At ASML, our conviction for excellence emerges with a passion to provide our customers with CRC comparable with international standards.