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Credit of unpaid rights

ā€œIn connection with Aisha Steel Mills Limited Right Issue announcement, unpaid Rights @ 20% were credited by the CDC in Book Entry Form on 18th May 2017 in the respective accounts of the ordinary / preference CDS shareholders (ASL, ASLPS, ASLCPS) whose names appeared in the Register of Members at the close of the business on Monday, 15th May 2017.

Letters of Right (LoR) to physical shareholders are dispatched on 22nd May 2017.ā€

Please find attached other pertinent dates

Production Process

HRC is imported as raw material for conversion into the final product, CRC. Before processing into cold rolled steel, it is necessary to pickle the steel to eliminate the black oxide scale on the surface, subsequent to which, the Hot Rolled flat steel is cold rolled to the required final thickness at room temperature. In cold rolling, the hot rolled coil is rolled into thinner gauges of the required size through further passage in rolling stands. Cold rolled steel possesses a better surface, enhanced strength, and better dimensional characteristics than hot rolled steel. The product passes through an electrolytic cleaning line for removal of oil, iron powder and other foreign materials. The steel is then annealed, which involves slow heating and cooling to improve workability. Skin Passing is done to improve and normalize the mechanical properties and to get the specified surface finish, hardness and flatness; after which the finished product is passed through a recoiling line to adjust the width by edge trimming, coil weight by dividing a large coil into small coils to meet the requirement, inspect dimensions, surface quality, flatness, and remove defective parts and to apply rust-preventive oil.