At, Aisha Steel, we conduct our business with integrity, honesty and fairness. We respect views and the interests of all stakeholders and strive to fulfill them while remaining compliant with the legal framework. In order to ensure compliance with best practices, Code of Conduct is in place which is required to be acted upon by all employees including Chief Executive and Directors. Our Code of Conduct contains following principles:


Human Resource

ASML believes that a strong and capable team leads to results. ASML is an equal opportunity employer and discrimination on any ground is completely unacceptable. Therefore, employees shall be recruited and promoted only on merit based on qualification and experience.

Compliance With Laws & Regulation

Every director and employee of ASML shall adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to corporate governance.

Conflict Of Interest

No director or employee of the Company shall engage in any activity, relationship or business which conflicts with the interest of the Company, unless the same has been approved by the Company. Any interest which may affect or might reasonable be deemed by others to affect the employees impartiality, should be declared in writing to the Company.

Books & Records

Every employee must act in good faith, and shall not misrepresent material facts in their internal or external communications and books or records.

Fair & Ethical Conduct

Every director and employee of the Company shall deal fairly with each other, customers, suppliers and other stake holders. Information transmitted and dealings done in official capacity must be honest and shall never be made to mislead, take unfair advantage, manipulate, conceal or abuse information, or to misrepresent facts.

Work Place Harassment

Every director and employee shall maintain an environment that is free from harassment and all employees shall be equally respected. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment and disparaging comments based on gender, religion, race or ethnicity.


The Directors and employees must respect the information received in the due course of business and never use the same for personal gain. Further, all the affairs of the Company are to be treated as confidential and never be disclosed to third parties, unless the same is required by the applicable laws.

Political Contribution & Activities

Directors and employees are restricted from engaging in political activities or making political contributions.

Health & Safety

Every employee is encouraged to take reasonable care to ensure his health and safety and others who may be affected by his acts. Health and safety guidelines should be strictly followed, especially in the production area.

Weapons & Drugs

ASML does not allow any employee to carry firearms or weapons. Further, the employees must not possess, use, or distribute drugs or alcohol.

Protecting Company’s Assets

Every employee shall safeguard assets of the Company and their fair and efficient use. All assets of the Company, including utilities and official time of employee, shall be used efficiently and for legitimate business purposes only.

Non Relatiation Policy

The company prohibits any retaliation against anyone who reports the misconduct in good faith. Any employee observing any violation may bring the same to the notice of the management in writing.