Mr. Samad A. Habib

Non – Executive Director

Starting off with a career at Arif Habib Corporation Limited; Samad built up his experience in sales, marketing and corporate activities working his way up through various executive positions. Joining Arif Habib Limited in 2004, he led the company as Chairman and Chief Executive playing a key role in the strategic direction of the company where he specialized in capital market operations and corporate finance building achieving a range of significant IPOs and private placements.

In 2011 he moved to Javedan Corporation Limited as a part of the driving force behind the transformation of the dilapidated cement plant to a living community. At Naya Nazimabad, Samad Habib has contributed to making a positive impact on society providing a quality lifestyle to the middle class of the city. His dedication and optimism is set to further transform the area with the largest commercial precinct development in the city presently under planning.

Corporate Responsibilities
  • Javedan Corporation Limited (Chief Executive)
  • Safemix Concrete Limited (Chief Executive)
As Director
  • Aisha Steel Mills Limited
  • Dolmen City REIT/Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management Limited
  • Power Cement Limited
  • Arif Habib Equity (Pvt.) Limited
  • Arif Habib Foundation
  • Arif Habib Real Estate Services (Pvt.) Limited
  • Black Gold Power Limited
  • Nooriabad Spinning Mills (Pvt.) Limited
  • NN Maintenance Company (Private) Limited
  • Pakarab Fertilizers Limited
  • Pakistan Opportunities Limited
  • Rotocast Engineering Company (Pvt.) Limited
  • Sukh Chayn Gardens (Pvt.) Ltd.